Why 95% of day traders loose their money in Stock marekt!

See this I got to search this on YouTube – intraday trading tips for begineers.

And see in here what I got there.

  • How to make 500 ruppes every single day.
  • Learn this strategy if you will make nothing you will atleast make 2 k every single.
  • How to make 100k from 1k.
  • Not only this, Watch this video you will never face any lose in your whole life again in the market.

You will say it’s complete clickbait. I agree, But what will be the impact of all these things in a beginner mind.

Directly or indirectly they will  start watching stock marekt as a gambling.

They will start thinking that okay making money in the stock market is little different you have to play start blaz…blaz…blaz different different unnecessary thoughts.

Before executing any trade.

  • Hey, remember I don’t have to lose my money today.
  • Okay great, I am getting 1.5k profits, it is showing a big red candle still I will hold because my target is of 2k profits.
  • Oh Man I am loosing my thousands of hard earned money. Now anyhow I have to develop a 100% accurate strategy.

Now here are some big blunder mistakes that you never have to do:

  1. You never have to make daily targets, that okay Minimum I will book atleast 10k. If you will keep following this mistake today of tomorrow not for the one time whenever you will come with addition money in your trading a/c you will for sure losse it.
  2. Never overtrade – when you start lossing your money you start doing overtrading to recover all that you have. Its totally out of the rule. You don’t have to do overtrading. This can swipe your capital out from you’re a/c in a single day.
  3. Follow money management rule:- Most of you even not aware about this thing! You have to fix that maximum you will lose 3-5% of your capital not more than it. Means you never have to take risk above 3% of your capital.

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That’s all you have to follow and avoid. Belive me follow all these stuff and this will add a sharp edge in your trading career.

95% of day traders not able to successful because they are completely unaware of all these. They only knows that If I want to make money then there’s a very famous movie dialogue “Risk hai toh Ishq hai”. They came in the marekt to make money for survival.

Trading is a business. Take trading as your business!

Hope you loved this one. Sharing is Caring 🙂

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