How do I get a free subscription to TradingView?

Trading view no need of any introduction. One of the best charting platforms more than 80% of traders and investors use this.

In fact, the top and almost every broker all around the globe are associated with the trading view.

So let’s dive into our main part…

Looking for trading view premium account for free.

How do I get a free subscription to TradingView?

see here’s the price of its premium accounts.

  1. Pro plan for 14.95$, in INR almost 1125rs per month.
  2. It’s Pro+ plan is for 30$, in INR 2250rs per month almost.
  3. And its Premium plan is for 4500rs or 60$.

Now new traders those who are in their learning phase and in their losing phase can’t afford to pay this much fess. So wait I have something crazy which you are exactly looking for is here.

Personally when I was new to the market 4–5 years before I was not aware of this trick. Now I am aware of it and personally, i am also using trading view premium subscription (yes 60$ once) not by paying 60$ directly instead of by paying 4$ only.

Yes, I am just paying rupees 299/- monthly. And without any restrictions, I am using its premium account.

For your confirmation, You can see below, a screenshot of the same time when I am adding this blog here about How can you get a trading view subscription for the minimum possible price.

Now I am using this for a very long time. Today I renewed so think why not share this information with all you guys.

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Now where you will get this trading view account for so minimal price?

Now I am not a techy guy so I am not aware of how they do this but now I am using it for the last 5–6 months. And I haven’t faced any problems yet.

All the time I take from this guy, you can contact him on telegram – just open telegram and search@ akalucifer. or just click on this link you will find him.

And contact him and don’t worry he is completely genuine. I am personally taking from him.

Thanks a lot for reading 🙂

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