3 Intraday trading tips for beginners

See this I randomly searched – Intraday trading tips for beginners. And what I got is in the front of your eyes.

Intraday trading tips for begineers
Intraday trading tips for begineers

What I got is there is:

  • Make 500rs every single day – tips for simple strategy for beginners.
Intraday trading tips for beginners
Intraday trading tips for beginners
  • Best intraday strategy – Make 2000rs every single day, best and simple strategy for beginner.

Intraday trading tips for beginners

Intraday trading tips for beginners
Intraday trading tips for beginners
  • Intraday trading strategy – ye sikh lo phir aapko jindagi me kabhi loss nhi hoga.
Intraday trading tips for beginners
Intraday trading tips for beginners

Hahahha…like really…

But now after reading all these thumbnails and watching all these videos what impact will go into the any beginner mind.

That okay – I don’t have to do losses.

I have to make constitent profits.

I have to find a 100% accurate strategy which will helps me in making profits all the time.

If I am doing losses either it’s the complete mistake of my advisor or strategy.

There’s no any concept of mindset or anything – I have to be aggressive, I have to be fast and daily atleast I have to make some specific amount of profits.

Directly or indirectly your subcouncisious mind start taking trading as a gambling – instead you have to build your mindset in a way that It should take it intraday trading as a fail-proof highest ever returns making business.

95% traders always loose their money cuz in the don’t follow the rules and take trading as  a gambling.

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Now 3 blunder mistakes which you never have to do – As a beginner day trader!

  • Don’t make daily targets – you never have to trade with targets.
    • What most of the people do is they make daily targets that okay I have to atleast make 5k profits every single day. It means only I am a successful day trader. Else I am not.
    • You never have to think like this. You never have to make daily targets. Because of this people convert their profits in to losses. And rather than holding their winning trades they hold their loosing trades,
  • Don’t over trade:
    • Because of this people losse their lot of money. What I called this is “SL-then-SL”. After 1st SL you take 2md trade to recover your money and what happened in this case is you loose your money again.
    • Then again and again you don’t follow one single setup  and rule and you keep loosing your money on the name of recovery. This is what I called is recovery.
    • You have to follow a system – that after 2 sl in a day you will not take anymore trade for the day.
  • Follow money management rule – This is what where most of the people not focused on!
    • You don’t follow this rule that’s the main reason why sometimes you losse most of your capital. Sometimes even 50-70% of your capital you loose it in a single day.
    • You always have to take the risk of upto 4-5% maximum in a day. Means if you have 10k then of maximum you have to take risk is should not be more than of 400-500rs.

Bonus tip for beginner day traders

Follow all these rules and never blindly trust anyone. Especially any advisory services or anything. You have to make a proper plan and then you have to trade according to it!

Remember you will make mistakes and its totally fine – But you have to daily write all those mistakes and you never have to repeat your mistakes.

Hope you loved this – Do comment if any other tip is in your mind which can be helpful for our readers.

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