3 Time tested Golden Rules for Saving Money

It’s pretty well said – A penny saved is a penny earned right. Here I am going to give you 3 time tested quick and easy golden money saving rules.

3 golden rules of saving money

Which will help you in saving more money and ultimately then you can invest.

So let’s dive in.

Here is the table of content which will helps you to navigate through out this blog.

Decide How much and For what?

Decide your goal like why you want to save for? How much you want to save. In the month end and in the year end.

Your goal should be consolidated. Then only you can create and follow a better money saving plan.

Set your goal first…

If you are in your 20’s or in your 30’s.. Let’s suppose, at the end of this year You want to save 15,000 so that you can start investing.

Or let’s suppose at every month end You want to invest 5,000. So your goal will be saving 5,0000rs monthly, So that you can start investing.

This is the first step that is deciding how much and for what you want to save your money for. 

In someone’s case he/she wants to save for buying a camera or an iphone or for investing anything.

Hope you got it. Now let’s dive into this more deeply and let’s understand what we can do to save our money.

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Golden Rule #1

Stop going to the Big Budget Hotels. If it does not suit your pocket.

Might 2-times or 3-three times in a month you go to these kinds of places. Don’t stop it but now you have a goal right?

  • You want to save some money. So if you go 8-10 times in restaurants for dinner or in big budget hotels, reduce the frequency.
  • If 3 nights in a week you order your dinner from swiggy or zomato, then reduce its frequency. 

Always Remember it’s always better to be Rich rather than just Looking Rich.

Golden Rule #2.

Sometimes we feel low and then to make ourselves happy we spend money buying materialistic things from which we can get happiness.

I have seen many of my friends shopping for unnecessary liabilities to make themselves feel happy.

Now instead of that what you can do is follow a better routine, like you can follow any of your hobbies like playing badminton or going to gym, or Listening Music, or you can call your friend to whom you haven’t talked to for the last few months.

And instead of wasting your money on unnecessary materialistic things you can spend some time following your hobbies.

Golden Rule #3.

Let’s talk about the unnecessary things. 

Let’s take an example: We bought a lot of things which we rarely use. Like a few months before One of my friends bought a oneplus smart TV for 70,000 without thinking about anything. He ordered it.

Now he is paying 6,000 EMI around every month. And rarely do he get some free time from his business and watch any web series or movies in it.

Not more than 5-6 hrs he spends watching tv shows or any web series.

And for watching 5-6 hrs of shows he is paying 6,000rs as emi every single month.

Hope you guys are able to connect with all these. And loved this blog.


So At the end if you will follow all these for sure you will be able to save some money for whatever the pupose you want to.

Rest these were some common points i mentioned so that everyone can related with it.

Now personally what you can do is open your bank app and see your transitions where you have sapare your money and make a list of all of your expenses in an excel sheet and from next time try to cut out them and save the money.

If any doubts or suggestions feel free to let me know in the comments section.

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